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A modern phone system is a lot more than just phones and wires. A well designed phone system will reduce the time your employees spend on the phone, will automatically direct your customers to the proper department, and can integrate with your billing and customer management applications. Phone systems (called a PBX) can also reduce your monthly costs by reducing the number of lines that you need to purchase with the phone company, and can use alternative sources for long distance and international calling.

An IP based phone system gives you a ton of features in a simple to use interface. You can easily add new extensions, or setup a new voicemail with a few clicks. You won't need any special software or a technician to make those changes, and you can do it form any computer in your office.

Increase efficiency by eliminating an operator and quickly answering certain questions such as operating hours and location information.

Add new phones and numbers to your phone system easily through a web interface.

Answering Rules
Determine how calls are routed based on caller id, time of day, or other circumstances.

Call Forwarding
Forward all calls or specific extensions to a cell phone or other location.

Call Screening
Restrict what numbers ring your phone or send them to voicemail.

Call Recording
Easily record incoming or outgoing calls. Listen to them later, download them, or even email them.

Call Tracking/Reporting
View detailed reports for incoming and outgoing calls, long distance, call duration, etc.

Message Notification
Receive texts or emails when your extension misses a call, or receives a voicemail.

Caller Id Settings
Decide what number is shown when you make an outgoing call.
Visual/Unified Voicemail
Access your voicemail by calling a number, send it to your email, or login and view it online.

Upload professional recorded greetings, or record them from your phone. Customize what greetings are played when a customer calls an extension, calls after business hours, etc.

Music on Hold
Stream your favorite music or upload custom recordings that talk about your business and your products or services.

Automatically send your incoming faxes to your email account

CRM/CTI Integration
Integration into your existing customer management software. Automatically show a customer's information on your screen when you answer a call, or automatically place a call by clicking on a customer's phone number.

Outlook Integration
Receive a popup in Outlook with customer information when a call comes in.

Connect a headset directly to your computer and eliminate the cost of the phones and free up desk space.

IP Phones
High quality phones that can connect directly to your network or to your computer.

Phone System Advantages:

  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Simple Call Flow
  • Automation
  • Lower Monthly Fees
  • Call Tracking
  • Higher Efficiency
  • More...

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