Don't Lose Precious Documents

If your company has a lot of documents, is having trouble organizing them, wants easier access to them, or doesn't have the space for them, Just Smart Guys can help you better manage all of those documents. Our scanning and archiving service allows you to save space in your office by freeing up file cabinets and drawers, while making those same files more accessible.

By using optical character recognition and our intelligent indexing, your files (no matter how many) can become searchable and accessible from any computer in your office (or anywhere with an internet connection if you choose). You can control what employees have access to what documents, email them, or interact with them like you would any other file on your computer. Just Smart Guys can also securely store a copy of those documents on our file servers in case anything were to ever happen to your physical or electronic copies.

Why Archive?

Scanning and archiving your company's important files has many benefits, some of them are:

  • Quickly Search Files
  • Protection From Fire/Flood
  • Save Space
  • Access Files Anywhere
  • Control Access
  • More...

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