Privacy and Child Safefty are major concerns when you are online. Just Smart Guys will help you by giving you special tools to make sure your information is secure and that your children are as safe as possible when online.

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What's Included

Child Safety Online Privacy - $75 Privacy + Tune Up - $100
Free installation on 1 computer Installation of software on 1 computer Installation of software on 1 computer
10 minute overview of software - Basic Tune Up Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the free child safety software work on tablets and phones?
No, but free or low-cost (about $5) applications do exist for for phones and tablets. Visit one of our retail stores and we can assist you with the installation of child safety software on your mobile devices.

Can I override the child safety software?
Yes, if you wish to override the content filters or time restraints you can enter a password to temporarily unlock the restrictions.

Can I put the child safety software on more than one computer?
Yes, you can install the software on as many computers as you want. We charge $25 / computer to install it on additional machines.


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