Server Sales, Management, and Monitoring

Whether you already have a rack of servers, or are looking to get your first entry level machine, Just Smart Guys can help deploy and manage your server(s). Our technicians can work with all of the major operating systems as well as most major applications, such as Exchange, Active Directory, IIS, VPN, Remote Desktop, Samba, Quickbooks, Sage, Fishbowl, and many others.

We offer low-budget packages for entry level servers, as well as high-end servers with real-time monitoring. You can just call us when you need us; or with a subscription we can actively keep an eye on your equipment and respond to problems as soon as they occur. Our technology allows us to predict failures before they happen, in most cases we are able to fix issues before you even notice a problem.

Server Services

Just Smart guys can provide on-demand support for your servers, build and install them, and provide real-time monitoring and mitigation:

  • Build & Install
  • Windows Server Support
  • Linux Server Support
  • OSX Server Support
  • Realtime Monitoring
  • Automated Patching & Maintenance
  • More...

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