We'll Move Your Computers, Servers, Printers, etc.

You're moving, and now you have to pack up all of your computers, servers, printers, phones, routers, switches, tvs, modem, etc, and move it to your new location. Do you really want to spend an entire day (or maybe a weekend) trying to piece all of that back together?

Just Smart Guys can help you relocate all of your company's electronics, reinstall them, wire them, and test them to make sure everything is setup correctly. Quite often your network has a lot of quirks and hidden settings you may not notice until you try to dissasemble and reassemble it. Issues like incorrect IP addresses, incorrect cable types, unmapped storage drives, etc, can cause major headaches. Contact Us for more information about our relocation services.

Avoid Relocation Problems

Just Smart Guys can help you avoid potential problems with relocating your companies network and other equipment. Relocation services include:

  • Drive Mapping
  • Printer Mapping
  • IP Address Configuration
  • Firewall Updates
  • Connection Testing
  • Wireless Setup
  • TV Setup
  • More...

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