Photos and documents tend to wear out over time, and have a potential to be smudged, scratched, or fade. Having an electronic copy of your precious photos and important documents is a great idea. We can fit thousands of photos and documents on a single disc that you can easily make duplicates of and store in safe locations.

Quite often scanning old documents and photographs can be difficult and can cause damage. Many older documents are sensitive to light and can be ruined by a regular scanner. Old photos have fibers in the paper that may show up when scanned and ruin the beauty of your photos.

Just Smart Guys will use proprietary techniques to archive your documents and photos to make sure that the originals are preserved and that the electronic copies are as good as the original.

For an additional fee, one of our graphic designers can touch-up or remove defects from any of your photos/documents.

Please contact us for additional information and pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get my originals back?
Yes, once we have finished archiving your photos and documents we will return the originals to you.

How will you save the photos and documents?
This is up to you. We can store the files on a cd, dvd, usb flash drive, external hard drive, or the internet.


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