Your tablet, handheld media player, or mobile phone can probably do a lot more than you realize. Having it setup correctly can unlock its full potential. Keeping your mobile devices up to date is as equally important as keeping your computer up to date. Just Smart Guys can help you setup and fully utilize your gadgets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need To Activate My Phone?
This will depend on your phone and your carrier (cell phone company). If your phone requres a SIM card, you will need to get one from your carrier and bring it with you when you come to activate your phone. If you are porting a number, we will need your "PIN" from your old carrier.

Do I need an existing email account to set one up?
No, if you do not have an existing email account we will help you set one up. We recommend using GMail because it works well with most mobile devices.


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